The following is a list of the inns and B&Bs closest to Pine Valley Ranch Park.  We do not have any special arrangements with any of them.  We've been told that June is a very busy time, and they fill up early.  Each place only has a handful of rooms.  So reserve early--the earlier the better.

North Fork Lodging

Meadow Creek B&B  303-838-4167

13438 U.S. Highway 285, Pine  (on Hwy 285 north of Pine Junction, about 20 minutes away)

Anchorage Farm B&B  303-838-5430

12889 S. Parker Ave., Pine (about 20 minutes away; they have a horse facility)

Lower Lake Ranch  303-838-6622

11883 S. Elk Creek Rd., Pine  (near Staunton State Park, about 20 minutes away)

Bailey Lodge  303-838-2450  Toll free 868-538-2450

57920 U.S. Highway 285, Bailey  (2.5 miles south of Bailey, about 25 minutes away)

Lynwood Park  303-838-4243

59786 U.S. Highway 285, Bailey (south of Bailey, about 25 minutes away)

Deer Creek Cabin

1412 Clark Rd., Bailey (single rental cabin, about 25 minutes away)

Arrowhead Manor Inn  303-738-8454

9284 U.S. Highway 285, Conifer (mailing address is Morrison) (about 25 minutes away)

Bear's Inn  303-670-1205

27425 Spruce Lane, Evergreen (on Hwy 73 just between Conifer and Evergreen about 35 minutes away)

Evergreen Lodging

There are a number of places to stay in the town of Evergreen, which is about 45-50 minutes away from Pine Valley.  They can easily be found with an internet search.  Evergreen is a quaint little town with shops and restaurants and a pretty little lake.

"Down the Hill" Lodging

North (down the big hill) toward Denver, about 25 miles from Pine Junction, Highway 285 intersects with the CO-470 freeway.  There are a couple chain hotels on 470 at Ken Caryl in Littleton, and there are many hotels near 285 and Wadsworth and near I-70 just east of 470.  These can be found with an internet search.  These areas are 50 minutes to just over an hour away.


The nearest public campground is the US Forest Service's Kelsey Campground, located on Hwy 126 a few miles south of FS Road 550.  It has 17 sites, 15 of which are reservable.  It is about 20 minutes from Pine Valley.

Buffalo Campground is very close to the middle of the race course in the Buffalo Creek Recreation area on Forest Service Road 550, about 5 miles off Hwy 126, near Buffalo Creek Road/FS 543.  It is about a half hour from Pine Valley. There are 38 sites, 24 of which can be reserved.

Green Mountain Campground is a couple miles further from Pine Valley past Buffalo Campground on Buffalo Creek Road/FS 543.  It has a handful of non-reservable tent only sites.

Dispersed camping is allowed along FS 550 off Hwy 126.  There are no water or toilet facilities for dispersed camping.  This area gets a lot of weekend use, so get there Thursday night or early Friday if possible.  Spots are all first-come-first-served.

There is no overnight parking at all inside Pine Valley Ranch Park, which closes an hour after sunset.  And, unfortunately, the Fire Department is no longer allowing overnight parking at the Fire Station.  Overnight parking is allowed at the Park n Ride lot in Pine Junction, located on Mt. Evans Blvd. a block northwest of Hwy 285.


"North Fork" refers to the North Fork of the South Platte River that flows from the mountains near the continental divide, down the canyon following U.S. HIghway 285, through Pine Valley, and then down to join the South Platte River as it goes into Strontia Springs Reservoir and then through Denver.  The North Fork is a swift, rocky and beautiful river, full of trout.  If you've never experienced the North Fork area, race weekend is a great time to do it.  The fishing is excellent, there are beautiful trails to hike, run and mountain bike, and there are many scenic drives to enjoy.

North Fork Trail Race